Luxembourg, a perfectly connected host for the EU Cybersecurity Competence Centre

On 6 November 2020, Luxembourg submitted its offer to host the EU Cybersecurity Competence Centre.


As our societies have to rely on resilient and robust networks, Europe needs to step up its game to develop and deploy strong cybersecurity expertise in order to enhance trust and foster stability of our digital infrastructure and services.

Over the past decade, Luxembourg has become a perfectly connected digital hub of the European Union. Several European Commission Directorates and units in the digital area, part of DG Connect and DG Digit, are established in Luxembourg, and under its Digital Pole Initiative, the European Commission is locating more of its digital services in Luxembourg, thereby further enhancing a critical mass of knowledge and expertise in the Grand Duchy. Luxembourg is also home to the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC), which allows the European Union and EuroHPC participating countries to coordinate their efforts and pool their resources. In Luxembourg, the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre will hence be part of a pre-existing and meshing European institutional digital ecosystem, which will in turn facilitate the creation of numerous synergies allowing for a rapid and cost-effective setting-up and running of the Centre.

The European Cybersecurity Competence Centre can draw furthermore on a very vibrant, open and inclusive national cybersecurity ecosystem. Over the past two decades, Luxembourg has become a fertile ground for more than 310 companies, including 75 start-ups that are providing cybersecurity services and products in Luxembourg and beyond. Thanks to the sector’s steady growth, ICT specialists currently represent 5,4% of total employment, thus ensuring the availability of a large number of varied and cutting-edge skills on the market.

Luxembourg offers also exceptional connectivity secured by very fast, ultra-low latency connections and nation-wide coverage of ultra-high-speed broadband.

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